Alex Isabelle

Multimedia artist

Education and training

Master Degree in Cinema, Television and Multimedia Production

Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna, Bologna (Italy), 108/110, EQF Level 7

Advanced formation in film and television studies. The course looks forward the contamination of knowledge, the modalities of creative learning and the development of hybrid profession figures, able to respond to the challenges of a cultural industry in extremely quick transformation.

Bachelor Degree in Disciplines of Arts, Music and Entertainment

Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna, Bologna (Italy), 101/110, EQF Level 6

Training in the field of visual arts, cinema, music, and theatre.

High School Diploma in Scientific Studies

BUS TCS Blaise Pascal, Reggio Emilia (Italy), 72/100, EQF Level 4

Advanced skills in studies relative to the scientific-technological culture, with reference in particular to math, physics, biology, chemistry and their application.

Work experience

Liceo Ariosto-Spallanzani

November 2019 - Present day

Teacher of cinema language, in an afternoon class, for a project related to EstAsia Film Festival.

Indiana Produzioni

January 2020

Scenography labourer on Conad's advertisement campaign.


May - October 2019

Production assistant on the production of the tv series La guerra è finita ("War is Over").

Plastic Wake

February 2017 - Present day

Game design and production of the analog augmented reality game Plastic Wake, realization of all the documents included in it (texts, films, photographies, code...), fair promotion and social media management.

Cineclub Peyote

May 2015 - Present day

Foundation and co-organization of EstAsia Film Festival, in roles including the relations with the film distributors and fundrising.

WIVA Wrestling

March 2014 - 2016

Operator of mobile and hard-cam close cameras in the wrestling shows organized by the federation WIVA Wrestling. Other roles included cameras installation, video editing and general labour.


I volunteered, and still do, for the following institutions in particular:

  • Possibile

  • Reggio Emilia in Comune

  • GVC

  • Comitati Ambiente e Salute Reggio Emilia


2021: "Script Supervision Level I", held by InFocus Film School, Vancouver.

2020: "Self-entrepreneurship and active job search", held by Microfinanza Srl.

2020: "Production management in cinema and television", held by Demetra Formazione and Palomar.

2018: "Research and development of audio-visual and cinematographic production: from the script to the screen", held by Demetra Formazione and Palomar.

2015: "Biografilm School 2015", held by Biografilm Festival and Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna.

2011: "Videogame Writing", held by Fondazione Bottega Finzioni.

2010: Summer School "The jobs of cinema", held by Civica Scuola di Cinema, part of Fondazione Milano.

Personal skills


  • Italian: C2 (mother tongue)

  • English: C1 (TOEFL iBT, 105/120)

  • French: A1

  • Hungarian: A1

Digital competence

  • Audio-video editing through Adobe Premiere;

  • Video streaming through OBS Studio;

  • Professional text editing through LaTeX and Scribus;

  • Graphic editing through GIMP and Adobe Photoshop;

  • Scriptwriting through KIT Scenarist, CeltX, Final Draft;

  • Knowledge of markup languages HTML and CSS;

  • Fundamental programming with Ruby;

  • Great practice with Libre Office, Apache Open Office and Microsoft Office suites;

  • Discreet mastery of Linux based operative systems.


Networking in the analog gaming industry and in the city of Reggio Emilia, gaming enthusiast, neckties lover, snowboard and bouldering amateur.