Tutto ha un costo

"Everything Comes With A Price"

Videoclip for the trap song "Tutto ha un costo" by Oxy, directed by Giuseppe Raia. I was the director of photography.

In affari col cieco

"In Business With The Blind"

Videoclip for the hip-hop song "In affari" by Zynoparade, extracted from his upcoming album.

Cosa vedi?

"What Do You See?"

A commercial about gender violence, made to partecipate in Reggio Film Festival's contest "Liberazioni Creative".

Il Signore di Sarzano

"The Lord of Sarzano"

A couple of commercials made to advertise two local medieval reenactment events, organized by the local company Compagnia della Mandragora.

Canossa - Racconti nostrani

"Canossa - Our tales"

Seventy minutes long documentary containing interviews to people who lived all their lives in the rural area of Canossa, Italy. This work was ordered by the association "Terre di Canossa"; I took care of filming and editing.

Cinguettio assordante

"Deafening tweets"

Spot about sexism on Twitter and the inequalities in what is allowed for people to do with their body depending on their gender.

What Does It Mean

Videoclip for Anabasi Road's song of the same name, extracted from their debut album "Ages", realized together with my colleague and friend Sebastiano Donelli.

Road to Glory - Videorecensione

Road to Glory - Videoreview

Not interactive anymore due to Youtube deactivating the feature

Interactive videoreview of the short movie Road to Glory by Bruno Pereira and Luc Godonou Dossou. The interactive buttons only work on computers.