Woyzeck is the author of a mysterious text, that after his death arrives in the hands of his girlfriend, Marie. At the same time he is also an alienated young man who kills Marie out of jealousy. The search for death is experienced by Woyzeck as a search for meaning. Life and consequent death in themselves, as well as their research, becomes a work of art, by its nature unrepeatable and at the same time infinitely recallable. The text can be can, as well as its protagonist, be elected as messiah.

Video-art adaptation of Georg Büchner's Woyzeck, co-written with Michelangelo Pioli.

Currently in pre-production.

Chiacchiere tunisine

"Chebbaki Cakes"

Rahel finds himself trapped in a trip to Tunisia with his family. Without job, homeland and self-esteem, he is identical to his father when he was younger, but he refuses to accept this.

A dramedy film set both in Italy and Tunisia.

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Chiacchiere internazionali

"International chatter"

Sofiya Rebgha, a maltese reporter, finds herself involved in an apparently-senseless international quarrel concerning an award-winning dessert. The real object of the quarrel, though, turns out to be a different, much more complex, one....

A mockumentary film on the theme of identity.

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Lezioni spirituali

"Spiritual Lessons"

On a Japan shattered by the great changes of the half of the 20th century rises the curse of a monstrous, giant snake. Here a writer, a modern ronin, struggles to repair his own broken dignity.

Kaiju movies and biographical films meet themselves in this biopic about the last years of the famous writer Yukio Mishima, inspired to the essays he wrote in the final part of his career. His real-life struggle against the contradictions of the modern Japan becomes a fight against a kaiju-like enormous snake, menacing the whole country since the end of World War 2.